Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wild Bill Doggett

It was a struggle. The learning to dance thing. We were convinced it was punishment. It was our destiny to be outside learning to be the next Sandy Koufax instead of having to get all dressed up for a Saturday morning dance lesson.
Wild Bill Doggett

Gosh, I hope none of the guys sees me. I guess we'll miss the afternoon sandlot game because of this mess.

Two left feet, awkward as all get out. How can a kid be so coordinated in baseball, football, basketball and water skiing and still have those lead feet on a dance floor ? Why doesn't it bother the girls. Why are they so happy anyway ? I think they just love to see us uncomfortable.
Bill Doggett

That's the way it felt during those awful, awful dance lessons our mothers forced on us. I couldn't do anything on the dance floor. It was embarrassing. UNTIL...out came the secret weapon just in time for our big graduation sock hop.

A lady who worked for my parents took pity on me. She brought Bill Doggett's two Honky Tonk records and placed them on our "hi-fi" set. Then grabbed my sweaty little hand. The next thing I knew I was bopping my little tail off. If I try to dance, even now some fifty years later, providing the music is right I automatically go into what Sadie called "the dirty bop". That sax and the back beat just naturally makes you want to move your shoulders and hips to the rhythm.

Bill Doggett

When you hear that soulful sax in Doggett's Honky Tonks it just naturally moves you. They are some of the best instrumentals I've ever heard. And that is a heck of a lot of music.

If you've never heard Honky Tonk...well it's about time.

     Honky Tonk #1                      Honky Tonk #2

     More videos                            Wikipedia link

Here's another rock and roll pioneer who didn't make into the elite "Cleveland" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That's o.k. Mr. Bill, you are now officially in my Hall of Fame. That's from the fans not the elites so it really means something.


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