Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Diamonds

The Diamonds

The Diamonds were a fun Canadian group of white guys singing original and black groups covers. In 57 when they were getting started the black artists still had a hard time getting played on the white radio stations. Record companies recognized the value of the black music so they recruited white groups to capitalize on the acceptance of the audience. That's how the Diamonds got their fist big break.

The Diamonds

They had something like 16 hits during the rest of the fifties then faded away with most of the white groups. It seems to me the thing that got them started was the thing that put an end to their popularity. The black groups gained access to the white radio audiences somewhere in the early 60's and there went the need for white cover groups.

The Diamonds

BUT IN THE MEANTIME.....These guys did some really fun songs and we all loved them. I thought they were a black group for many years and could have cared less. Songs like "Little Darlin'", "Silhouettes", "The Stroll", and "One Summer Night" were part of our world. The world of 53 chevy's and a.m. radios fading with the fluctuation of the airwaves (or whatever caused the damned things to fade in and out).

The Diamonds

More than once I have seen cars pulled over in a business parking lot with the kids dancing in the headlights. Those great spontaneous moments when your cruising along and a great song like "Little Darlin" comes on, WOW ! Before you knew it the car was pulled off into some business and everyone was out of the car "jukin" their tails off. Next thing you know here comes three or four more cars and we've got a street dance till a dumb song comes along or the damned disc jockey starts running his mouth and won't play the records.

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            special 47 yrs videos

And by the way, we welcome the Diamonds into this "Fans Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". Especially since the Hall of Shame hasn't recognized them after 25 years of opportunity.

John Boykin, a big fan.

Now folk, that was fun ! If you think it sounds goofy, well I can't explain it to you. So forget it. 

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