Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bobby Darin

this is the Bobby Darin I remember
When a man as talented as Dion says Bobby Darin could play any instrument and play it well. When he says Bobby Darin could sing and play any type of music and do it well. Then I think we all have to show a lot of respect for this great entertainer.

Dion and Bobby toured together and were great pals. If anyone knew the depths of Bobby Darin's talents it would be Dion. And given the strength of his talent I am certainly not going to argue anything with the great DiMucci.

the Great Bobby Darin

When I ever get around to doing my list of "Crooners" to balance out the "Torch Singers", Bobby Darin will be first on the list. Then Sinatra, the Dion.

Bobby Darin is heads and above most of our rock and roll hot shots. He was so versatile, so smooth, so smart, so talented, so poised, too cocky, he must have been more than one type genius. I mean we have musical genius and we have mathematical genius and others so why wouldn't we consider this guy a multi-genius. He not only had a boat load of talent in any direction he wanted but he was a brilliant man as well.

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I have had nothing but growing respect for Bobby Darin from the first time I heard Splish Splash even through today as I listened to his later works. In less than 20 years, he had a #1 hit and 23 Top 40's. He was in several movies and had his own television show. He literally could do it all.

Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin
The heck of it is, until the last few years I was under the misimpression he died of drugs or some other music industry related death. But no, Bobby Darin knew he was living on borrowed time his entire life. He knew he had a weak heart from childhood bouts with rheumatic fever. He knew he wouldn't live a normal life span. They say that was the reason for his great ambition and rush to get everything accomplished before he died. Well he did it. He was a star in several genre's by the time he was 30. He was a teenage pop star by 25. He died following heart surgery at age 37.

Bobby Darin and wife Sandra Dee

Bobby Darin was one of a kind in the talent and brains department. We are glad to have him in our little Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bobby Darin, a great entertainer !

John B.

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