Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price

First let me get this out of the way. I am so glad to be writing a story about a man who did well with his music career and lived to tell about it. Lloyd, at the time of this writing, is still alive and running businesses he founded and developed.

Lloyd Price
I am a fan. Not only of his music but his ability to do more than rest on his laurels or self destruct as so many others have done. Hell there ought to be a hall of fame just for musicians who are successful and survive.

Lloyd Price
Lloyd was considered everything from a soul singer, a doo-wop guy and even a rockabilly. He had a hit with a soulful rocker as early as 1952.  In "Lawdy Miss Claudy" he had a hit that went #1 on the Rhythm and Blues chart. I can't find it on the pop charts.

Lloyd's Chart record is surprising. One year, 1960, he dominated the Billboard Charts. He had nine hits on the charts in that one year.

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  17 Top 100 Hits 

  12 Top 40

   3 in the Top 10 in 1959

  1 # 1 in 59

   1 #1  R& B in 52  ( "Lawdy Miss Claudy" )
Lloyd Price

I will ask the readers this question. Was "Lawdy Miss Claudy" the first Rock and Roll record ? Did Lloyd Price predate Bill Haley by two years ? Just because it wasn't rated on the pop charts does not mean it wasn't rock and roll. What do you think ? Was this song rock and roll ? Is our history wrong ? Did a black New Orleans singer start rock and roll ? If so would New Orleans have been a better site for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ? You don't have to answer that one. It's obvious.

Unless someone can disprove the dates ...that's the way it looks to me. Comment below please, I would love to hear what others think.

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