Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Richard

The main man...Little Richard

Here is one performer who to this day can put a smile on my face. No matter what is going on or what kind of funk I am in, if I hear one of his records cranking up I feel like a kid again. 

Little Richard..ah bop lop a boo bop...

I will always look to Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry as the first complete rock and rollers.  All the rockabilly folks will think I have gone nuts but the logic is this. Rockabilly was hopped up country doing black songs. These three guys were doing original music and lyrics with a true blues and country confluence.

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That's it folks. The best rock and roll in my world always has to be rooted in the blues. Typically, it is some white boy imitating Chuck Berry who was imitating Johnnie Johnson, his piano player. Little Richard will always be in a class by himself. He, Johnnie Johnson, Jerry Lee and Fats stayed with the piano and thank goodness they did. His original lyrics, music, and style both on and off stage have made him my number one in this little rock and roll hall of fame.
Little Richard
Little Richard is a trip. He really is the wildest of the wildest and the craziest of the crazies. He had us head banging before there was such a thing.  Little Richard is a thrill a minute, even now.

I should thank him for making me smile when he comes on my radio. This will probably tick some folks off but what the heck. This is an opinion blog. If you want to disagree there is a comment box below. Have at it.

Little Richard, the one and only !

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