Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Platters

The Platters

This group had a boat load of talent. When you hear the lyrics and the arrangements you know they had a talented writer involved as well. 



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To this day I find them very soothing. The Platters just don't seem to wear on the listener like so many others. They can be the "turn it up I want to hear it" bunch or they can just as easily be the background for conversation. Easy on the ears...easy on the soul.

The Platters

The Original Platters
Funny the things you think of when you hear a certain song but I can't help but remembering a kid with a bicycle paper route showing me his new Platters 45. 

The Platters

His father told him he wasted the money. I bet to this day that kid still thinks of his first Platters record as an excellent investment. I know I do.

Please stay as long as you like and enjoy the music.


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