Friday, May 6, 2011

Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent recording

In the Elvis bio I mentioned having seen Gene Vincent in person at a live stage show. Now that might be exaggerating it a little. It was live and it was a stage show. Just not a real big stage show. Gene and the other Memphis rockabilly "cats" had to earn their money in small venues. This was one of those. The old Landers Theater in the town of Batesville, Arkansas could seat maybe 150 people, maybe.

Gene and the Blue Caps played the place like it was Vegas. They rocked the house. I must have been 11 or 12 years old. The year escapes me. I do remember Gene Vincent wore a pink scarf-bandana-neckerchief or whatever it was that Gene Autry and Roy Rogers wore and never got accused of cross dressing. 

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps

I just finished reading the long bio linked in this article. If your interested in this fellow, you should read it. I had lost touch with Gene and his career. Like many folks I got busy with college and a family and didn't pay much attention to the 
"stars" once they began to fade.  I had no idea this young artist died so early and tragically.

Gene Vincent

Gene was much more influential in the U.K and Europe than I realized. His band's antics and wild guitar work apparently caught the attention of many of his younger peers. Needless to say they were copied and passed down through the rocker generations. They say you can see evidence of those guitar techniques used in the better bands even today. I'd say that was about as good a compliment as could be given anyone. Gene was probably much, much more influential than he would ever imagine. 

In every 12 year old boys life there are older women of say 16 and 17. He has to idolize them from afar while pretending not to notice them. In my little town there was no shortage of beautiful teenage girls and I think most of them went to "our" church. It was 1958, on a cold winter night, in a small Ozark town. I watched with envy as my "goddesses" idolized Gene Vincent. Once you have seen a pretty girl's heart melt you know how hot a star can be....Gene Vincent was that brilliant shooting star.

Gene Vincent

I hope you take the time to listen to some of his music and while your at it listen closely to some of his original musicians. They were damned good.

          Video link      

      Excellent bio link    

            mo info

Y'all enjoy.....jbb

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