Monday, May 23, 2011

Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson

Here is the way I started out with this story. This will be enjoyable. I've never heard a bad Jackie Wilson recording.  

Jackie Wilson
Then what happens? I start my research and learn Jackie's tragic story. I don't know why I had never heard about his untimely death. Maybe I had but just forgotten about it. So Jackie Wilson is another with a bummer of a life story. He did great from 57 to 75. Then in 75 he had a heart attack at age 36. He was in a coma until 1984 and died at 49.

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Aw man ! What a shame ! What an singer! What a performer ! I had no idea. 

Jackie Wilson

Here's the basics on Jackie. Go to the info link for tons of information.

                      From 1957 to 1975

                       He had 14 Top 100

                        He had 13 Top 40

                                                              He had 5 Top 10

He has two songs in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He was named by Rolling Stone Magazine  as #68 on Top 100 Artists of All Time.

Jackie Wilson

His peers and those who followed said he was the greatest voice and greatest performer ever. Elvis called him the black Elvis.

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