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Dion DiMucci

Dion Dimucci

About the closest thing North Arkansas's small towns had to doo-wop street corners was either the football showers or a smoke filled car in the school parking lot. We didn't know a cappella from archipelago. We did know good harmony and Dion and the Belmonts took everyone to school there. Any time Dion came on the radio, it was time to sing along.

Dion's Wanderer Album Cover.

You really couldn't help it. Dion's songs invited you. The songs were always some sort of simple story we could understand. His voice was clear as a bell. You could actually understand what he was saying. He sang of love. He sang of hurting. He sang of cheating. He sang about wanderlust. In other words he sang about teenagers.

In recent years Dion has done some really good blues. He's done a little country and a good deal of spiritual work. At this point, I get the idea Dion is enjoying life and playing with all that talent God gave him. He is dabbling in things he's interested in and not trying to be some sort of rock and roll star. Dion seems to know who he is and apparently is confident enough to kick back and take life as it comes. With 33 Top 100 hits I think he has probably earned it.

Dion and the Belmonts

If I am wrong it's because the guy is so damn cool he's got me fooled. He has tons of honors and I link them below. Dion DiMucci is a very interesting guy. Check him out...and don't forget to watch some of those great old videos. When anyone says Doo-wop, I think Dion. He's done a couple of really good blues and gospel c.d.'s. They are definitely worth the purchase.

Dion Dimucci's Blues album

Dion had some problems and it cost him what could have been an even greater career. But he, with the help of Christ, solved those problems. So there isn't much of a reason to take them on here. It's old news.

Y'all enjoy Dion, I always do. He's great.   

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