Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka Hall of Famer

Neil Sedaka has fifty years of hits and song writing successes but he's not in the "Cleveland" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I am here to tell you he is now officially in this fan's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  With three Number 1 hits and 18 Top 40's, I think he's proved himself through the fan's monetary votes.

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Watching Neil on the videos is like watching an old friend. We heard him on our old a.m. car radios as Junior High and High School students. We carried his albums off to college with us. He is an old friend never met.

Neil Sedaka back then

Neil Sedaka is part of our rock and roll history. He is now a part of this record of that same history. There are quite a few in the official elite Cleveland Rock and Roll hall of fame who won't make it into this one simply because they didn't rock or roll. 

Neil rocked and rolled. He was a classical pianist who studied at Juilliard prior to his tenth birthday. He wrote hundreds of rock and roll songs many of them hits for others. 

Neil Sedaka

He collaborated with the top names in the business both in writing, producing and recording.

Neil Sedaka

Welcome to our little Hall of Fame, Mr. Sedaka !  We are hard nosed blues based, rock and rollers and we love your work.

Neil Sedaka
John B.

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