Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brook Benton

Brook Benton
If you were a teenager in 1959, even a young 14 year old, teenie bopper, Brook Benton was a big part of your a.m. radio world. The romantic, smooth voiced "It's Just a Matter of Time" was a great break through for Brook. The next year he captured the nation for good when he had a hit with "The Boll Weevil" song. Everybody from the south knew about Boll Weevils. For those from outside our world the boll weevil is a little bug that kills the cotton plants. Although Benton recorded and lived in New York, he was a South Carolina native and naturally knew all about the cotton pest.
Big album for Brook Benton

He told a cute story. It struck home with rural America. Boll Weevil made him an established crossover star. He was no longer a gospel or rhythm and blues guy. Smooth confidence flowed from his voice. He was someone for nervous teenagers to relate. 

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Ten years later, after 49 Top 100, 25 Top 40's, and 8 Top 10's, the hits stopped. By the time he had his last big hit I had gone from being a 14 year old kid in a boarding school to a young daddy struggling to finish college. His last hit was like a call from the past. 

Brook Benton

It was a sort of last gasp of a wonderful career winding down. "Rainy Night in Georgia" was like a call from home. Unforgettable song, unforgettable man. Brook Benton's voice always brings me into a reflective frame of mind. "Boll Wevill" always brings a smile. What more could I ask of any singer. I'll probably be humming that song all day.

Brook Benton

Brook Benton hasn't been taken into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, until today that is....Brook is now officially now a member of the only Hall that matters. Welcome Brook Benton to the "Fan's Hall of Fame".  That's all folks !



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