Monday, May 9, 2011

Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers

Oh Don and Phil...where have you gone ? We miss your music. Have you heard the crap they're marketing to the kids today ? Oh Don and Phil where are you when good music, beautiful harmonies are so needed ?

The Everly Brothers

Don and Phil Everly were inspirational for so many great groups. The all loved the harmony as well as the songs. This is another of the quasi country rockabilly rockers groups to make it big in the U.S. only to fade and find new respectability in the U.K. 

They hold the record for most Top 100 hits for any duo at 35. They had 26 Top 40 hits bringing them in second only to Hall and Oates. They had to completely dominate their market for a long time to come up with those kinds of numbers. 

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As Junior High age students we could listen to the Everly Brothers songs and always find a story. They sang of teenage love, (hormones) teen angst and all the reasons for the highs and lows we enjoyed daily. They found writing partners who understood the market as well. I think that was the key to their success. They could reach the teenager's heart.

The Everly Brothers

They sounded like us, they looked like us and they told our stories. Without coming from a Nashville background that would never have happened. The Nashville tradition of story telling came into rock and roll through the Everly Brothers. 

These Iowa boys toured extensively with Buddy Holly and were very close friends at the time of his death. One was a pall bearer and the other couldn't face it and stayed locked away at home. They were good guys who would later do well in Nashville real estate. 

The Everly Brothers

Rock and Roll, if it is to survive the coarseness of today's market place, really does need some clean cut kids like the Everlys. I wasn't kidding. This rap crap will kill the music if good rockin does not come back and soon. Thank goodness for Grace Potter and Davy Knowles.

The guys made it easily into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. They were just that good in reaching their audience. 


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