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About the blog.

                                Hello !

I am John Boykin, a 65 year old rock and roll fan. I am not a musician. I can play the radio, that's about it. This blog is an attempt to set down a musical history from my memories. I felt Rock and Roll needed a history written from the fan's perspective.

I intend to state what I remember of the artists and how the music affected my life as well as those around me. I hope it will reflect the times. To put things into a technology history perspective, the period covered goes from party line, crank telephones to social media "smart phones".

I am not trying to cover the influences on Rock and Roll. I had to pick a starting point and a criteria. I am using Billboard's charts. I don't go back and include the important country and western or rhythm and blues influences. Those are huge projects to be done by someone much more knowledgeable. 

The artists and groups are listed as they appeared on "Billboard's" Top 100. They will show up the first year they chart. 

My background starts in the mid south of the U. S. My music memories start somewhere around 1953. That early listening directs my taste in music. I list the influences below.

Now here is where we may differ. Although I am working from "Billboard's" Top 100 and an artist had a hit, it does not mean I will list them. They have to make my memory bell ring. It's a personal choice. Please don't take offense. The other exemption might be one hit wonders. There were too many to cover.

I've found some differences between myself and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. (of all places) I would have placed it in Memphis. I heard recently from a man in New Jersey. He made a good argument for Wildwood, New Jersey. I could see New York because of all the studios. Ditto for L. A. But Cleveland ?

Some great artists have been left out. We intend to rectify that situation by including them here. They were big on our radio and we loved their music. I'm talking Johnny Mathis, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka, Ronnie Hawkins and others. That's why this  history project becomes "A Fan's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". 

I don't include music taking rock away from it's basic groove.  We try to keep to those who stuck with the simple gumbo. When we err it will probably be toward the original blues and country parameters. Maybe, this blog will help future musicians find "the good stuff". 

Here is some background information we hope will help you understand our musical perspective and prejudices.

                    Early Media Influences

            Dick Biondi of WLS, Chicago, John R. of WLAC, Gallatin, Tenn., Dick Clark, American Bandstand and KBTA of Batesville, Ark.
                    Early Artist influences

                                      C & W                                    
        Hank Williams, Sr., Flatt and Scruggs, Bob Wills, Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry

                                   Big Band

        Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Bennie Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Frank Sinatra, Harry James


       Jimmy Reed, Bobby "Blue" Bland, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Lead Belly.

                                 Life's Influence's

            Youth in a small Ozark river town within a 150 miles of Memphis.

            College at Memphis State University.

            Lived and married in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

            Career spent working around the U.S., traveled extensively. 

                          Retirement in San Antonio

Please enjoy yourself and offer any comments you might like. Come back often. We'll try to add some new info each day. 

                                 John Boykin

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