Thursday, May 19, 2011

Santo and Johnny

Santo and Johnny

Santo and Johnny Farina were brothers out of New York City. They were the last in the string of instrumental groups to have late fifties hits. This time with a steel guitar sound right out of, of all places, Hawaii by way of Oklahoma. As a result of their work, Santo and Johnny were placed in the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame.

Santo and Johnny

Sleep Walk went to #1 in 1959. They had a few more hits and then we didn't hear much from the brothers. Hawaian steel guitar ? I guess we were open to just about anything in 59. The music received great outside influences during that period. Most of them were from folks doing instrumentals, strangely enough.

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To this day, I love their music. Apparently a lot of other folks did as well. Sleep Walk is a highly covered song by some really big names.  

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