Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brenda Lee

Miss Brenda Lee 

Ok, I'll admit it. I had a crush on Little Miss Dynamite. I don't know any red blooded guy my age who didn't. I mean when she sang "Sweet Nothin's" ! We might not have known what she was talking about but it sure gave us a worried mind.

Brenda Lee is a year older than me. While I was dealing with Junior High football, raging hormones and a well developed pattern of mis-behavior, she was touring Europe and making big bucks. Her voice was the first one we ever heard that was considered "sexy". It might not have been sexy by today's standards but to us....whew...she was "hot" ! Cute too !

Sweet Nothin's by Brenda Lee

To this day, a Brenda Lee song, throws me back to innocence and a fourteen year old's confused brain.  

Below are links to her sections of the The Hall of Fames for Rock and Roll, Country Music, and Rockabilly. She also has songs in the Grammy Hall but I couldn't find a link for it.

     Web Site       Mucho Info     Videos    R & R  CMT 

       CM HoF    RaBilly     Hit Parade  

There will be plenty of my present day readers who doubt she is a true rock and roller. So many of the younger folk have either never heard of her or associate her music with country and western. But, I'm going to tell you, once upon a time, when rock and roll and I were young, Brenda Lee was a kick ass, take no names, Rock and Roll Queen. Doubt it ? Listen to some of her early stuff. She was our "rockabilly gidget". Heck, the Beatles opened for her European Tour in 1960. What does that tell you ?

Rockin' Brenda Lee

Record sales in the Pop department were great in the sixties. Here's some numbers:

                   32 in the Top 100
                   21 in the Top 40
                   11 in the Top 10
                    6 in the Top 5
                     1 # 1

Later she started all over and did the same thing in the country charts.

Cutie Pie Brenda Lee

Little Miss Dynamite sold a ton of records, then faded from rock when she would have been about freshman in college. A few years later she reinvented herself and was on top of the country charts. With that change she brought a lot of young rocker fans into country music. I wonder if that industry knows how many of us she convinced that it was o.k to like C & W. Before her, it just wasn't cool.

Brenda Lee, I've still got a crush on you, dahlin' ! 

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