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Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy

Holy Crap ! Who can forget this guy ? Nobody ! To say the name Duane Eddy is like saying the word guitar. He took it to a place no one had been before and very few have tried to follow.

It's really hard to do research on someone like Duane Eddy. First you have to listen to all of his old music so it will remind you of the subject. Sure....and you get caught up in his guitar and his videos playing with all the greats. The next thing you know your deadline is shot. Oh well, that's what music is all about.

Duane Eddy

Here's a few facts I gleaned from reading and listening. Duane Eddy was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. He had 28 Top 100 recordings in 28 years. In the 60's, he was married to Jessie Colter who later married Waylon Jennings. He had 15 Top 40 hits. He is the only artist to have a Top 10 single in each of four decades.

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I was watching some t.v. show several years ago and Chet Atkins and someone like Vince Gill or Mark Knophler were talking about Duane Eddy. The Chet said something like this. "If I gave Duane my guitar he would figure out a way to make it sound twangier, deeper and have more reverb than either of us could". Now when Chet Atkins praised a fellow picker that was something.

Duane Eddy

On one of the video links above you will have an opportunity to see some of the great musicians together. Click on the one that has Vince Gill and Chet Atkins playing with Duane. It's excellent.

Duane Eddy was one of what I call the game changers. Like Elvis or Jerry Lee, he came in with his own sound and helped rock and roll continue down the direction it needed to go. He was his own guide and he brought us a unique sound. It was a basic rudimentary sound that reached deep into the soul of the listeners. Over the years we've heard many guitarists try emulate his work. The next time you hear Springsteen or an old George Harrison listen for them to go deep. Both attribute that style to Duane Eddy.

Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy, the man who put twang into the music. That's a big deal.

John Boykin

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