Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clyde McPhatter

Clyde McPhatter

It seemed like I grew up with Clyde on my radio. I can't remember when I didn't know who he was or what he sounded like. Clyde McPhatter was very much a part of our young lives.

Once again we have an innovator many artists have copied. Once again, we see a fickle marketplace build up a talented person only to let him fall as fast as he went up. Clyde McPhatter was a wonderful talent. His recordings were on my radio for many years. Whenever his voice came from the speakers I always turned the volume up.

Early group for Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson

He died young at 39, another wonderful talent lost, far too soon. There are four Hall of Fame's linked below. He's in all of them. Years later the U.S. Government had a stamp produced in his likeness. He wasn't just popular he was an icon of the entire industry. Yet, when he died, he believed he had no fans. Now that really is the saddest part.

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Clyde McPhatter

Don't you wish you could have had just one little conversation with the guy ? Just to let him know how much he was appreciated ? Well folks, this blog is a way for me to say that to any artists who might be feeling the same way. Maybe, I will write something nice about them. Maybe, they will read it. Maybe they will understand they are held in high regard whether records are selling or not.

Clyde McPhatter's  U.S. Stamp

It just came to me. Hope it works for somebody, some day.

Clyde McPhatter ladies and gentlemen, a member of everyone's music hall of fame !

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