Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis
Did you ever wonder how many records Jerry Lee sold just by kicking that piano stool across the room ?  I know he got my attention. From that point on Jerry Lee Lewis was my kind of rocker.

Jerry Lee came along a little later than some of the earliest at Sun and the rockabilly thing. And I will always for some reason think of Jerry Lee as a very special artist whose genre i.d. has never quite fit anything but rock and roller.

Jerry Lee Lewis rocks the house.

Maybe that is because until Jerry Lee Lewis we really didn't have the finished product. Maybe it was because of what Jerry Lee brought to the table that we finally got our gumbo done. I think rockabilly was incomplete. I think rhythm and blues was incomplete. I think it took Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry to throw in the final spices to create what became known as rock and roll.

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Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying either of these gentlemen should be called the father or king or any of the other promo names used for Elvis and others. That's not what I am saying. There is no crown in the birth of rock and roll just as there are no rules in creating good gumbo. I will always believe it took the music and showmanship of these two far out geniuses to finish off the pot. 

Jerry Lee Lewis rockin out.

They built on what everyone else was doing. They found the lost chords and kicked the stools that needed kicking.

Jerry Lee Lewis will never get his due. Neither will Chuck. But they will always be the God Fathers of Rock and Roll to me.

Jerry Lee..I hope you read this pard. I haven't seen or talked to you since the 60's at a little motel in Sheffield, Alabama. I have always enjoyed your music and think of you as a great musician and showman as well as one of the linch pins of our rock and roll history.

Jerry Lee Lewis what you see is what you get !

No research needed on this one folks. Came right from the heart.


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