Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew at work.

Having done stories and connections on the basis for the Memphis and Detroit's sound, I felt it necessary to carry that idea over to other important musical cities.

Los Angeles has been a destination for the career minded musicians and aspiring stars ever since the early days of Hollywood. The city with the great reputation for movies was and is direct competition for New York with major labels and their recording studios. Both cities drew artists like a magnets. 

Some of  The Wrecking Crew

Detroit had it's Funk Brothers and Memphis it's Mar-Keys et al, and L. A. had it's own outfit called the Wrecking Crew. This loose knit group of about 50 "first call" musicians were on hundreds of hits. They were so proficient it didn't matter what type project they were asked to work on. 

Several like Glenn Campbell, Leon Russell and Dr. John went on to have solo careers or like Jim Gordon who became part a traveling band by the name of Derek and the Dominoes. 

Two members of the Wrecking Crew at work

A film was made about this group and was aptly named "The Wrecking Crew". I don't know if it has been released so I will provide a link below. Hal Blaine one of the central figures within the group wrote a book and talked about the number of hits they produced. He says he was the most recorded drummer in history. He might have been. There was an article about The Wrecking Crew in American Heritage Magazine. It's linked below.

The Wrecking Crew at work.

LA and it's "Wrecking Crew" might have been the most versatile studio city. These folks could and did play anything, daily. They worked tough, long hours and individually made a hell of a lot of money. 

The Wrecking Crew deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the same as the Funk Brothers. They are not. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to announce, 

Wrecking Crew Bassist Carole Kaye


                               The Wrecking Crew is now in:

       "The Fan's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"

           Hell of a job folks ! Thanks for all the great tunes !!!!

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