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Connie Francis

Connie Francis Rock and Roll Records

Sometime around 1961, this young lady became everybody's sweet heart. We teens loved how she sounded and the things she sang about. We thought she was cool because she sang about things and places that were in the movies we saw. That was pretty cool. The song fit the movie and the movie fit the song. (cool marketing) We bought both products.

Our parents liked her because she could sing adult songs like a pro. Connie was a professional entertainer. We got it. This was no kid just off the turnip truck. She was born a star and it showed.
Connie Francis 

Connie was a Jersey girl.  Connie, the first Female International Rock and Roll Pop Star is not in the Cleveland Hall of Fame. Where's the credibility here ? 90 million records, in the U.S. alone, isn't enough????

Connie Francis

Here's the deal ! I am going to write a summation to this beautiful, brilliant, talented woman's life. I am going to ask you to go to the link below. The one that says info. There you will see what an accomplished show business person looks like.                  
Connie Francis Movie Star 

This lady was not only the late fifties and early sixties hottest female singer, she was a movie actress, an author of several books, she sang in 15 languages and her records were hits in even more markets. She was on Ed Sullivan more than twenty times. She hosted her own television variety show, she appeared on just about every big time television show at least once. 

Connie Francis trend maker

She wrote or performed music for several hit movies. Her song and the movie "Where the Boys Are" started what we now know as "Spring Break" tradition among college students. As an actress she was so hot the movie folks had to pay her 50% of the take to get her in the films. This happened four times. She did USO tours to Viet Nam. She's in the Hit Parade Hall of Fame. She played a Royal Command performance for Queen Elizabeth.

Connie Francis 

But she's not allowed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (in Cleveland ?) 

What the hell !!!!

O.K., so I got a little ticked off and told you more than I intended. But please go to the info site and read what they say about this great talent. After that maybe you will understand the problem I have with this bunch of sanctimonious, holier than thou, hypocrites in Cleveland. 

Beautiful Connie Francis

To prove my point. Go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and look at the very first group. They are listed alphabetically. Abba ! Abba ? What the hell ?  How did they even get into something called Rock and Roll much less before all of these people who founded it, wrote the songs and entertained us so well. No credibility whatsoever. I'm a rocker and I turned them off or switched channels when they came on. They were elevator music for goodness sakes.

Connie Francis 

Miss Connie Francis..I love ya honey ! You're now in the only Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that counts ! You're in the 

        "Fan's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"

We like what Neil Diamond said. We don't care what the "other" hall thinks. Atta boy Neil, you told them.

Connie Francis, The girl next door.

Sorry folks, I just won't tolerate their sanctimonious, purist, rude behavior !  Here is another great artist snubbed because she was just too damned nice !


  Int. Fan Club Web site         Hit Parade         Videos


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