Friday, June 3, 2011

Charlie Rich

"The Silver Fox", Charlie Rich

Well, I make it all right from Monday morning to Friday night.

But Oh, Those lonely weekends !!!!!

Charlie Rich had a ton of hits. He scored big time in the country field but did fairly well with cross overs into pop as well. Charlie started out as a jazz pianist, got a hit or two as a rocker, fell back and worked as a Memphis session man, went to Nashville and became a country music star.

Charlie Rich

In addition to his first, "Lonely Weekends", Charlie Rich had 14 Top 100 pop hits. He had 8 in the Top 40 and one in Top 10 which went to number one. 

His history in country and western was much more dramatic. Once established with good connections and producers, Charlie showed what he could do. He had 9 # 1 hits in less than 15 years. He had 45 in the Top 100, 30 in the Top 40, 17 in the Top 10 and 14 in the Top 5.

Mr. Smooth...Charlie Rich

The early 70's were good for Charlie. Awards came fast and furious. 

The Academy of Country Music: 1973, Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Top Male Vocalist.

American Music Awards: 1974 Top Country Single, 1975 Top Country Male Artist, Top Country Single.

Country Music Association: 73 Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, 1974 Album of the Year, Entertainer of the Year.

Charlie Rich at the Keyboard

Grammy Awards: 1974 Best Country Vocals for Males, 1998 Grammy Hall of Fame.

Not a bad career for a jazz pianist who "just wanted to play".

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Even with all those hits when I think of Charlie Rich I go back to his very first hit. The one that meant so much to a fourteen year old living far away from family and friends. "Lonely Weekends".

Who could forget, Charlie Rich !

Charlie Rich, another Arkansas boy gone to Memphis to make music. There's much more to Charlie's story. It's public but I see no sense into going into it here. 

Rest in Peace you old "Silver Fox" ! 

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