Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bo Diddley

Early Bo Diddley

I messed up. Bo Diddley should have been with the 1955 group. I missed him. In choosing the artists I use the Billboard charts.

Unfortunately, if they are left off the charts for any reason, I don't know to pick them up. For instance, if someone like Bo Diddley, did not chart well or if Billboard didn't list him. I would have no way of knowing about him.

Bo Diddley

I should have picked up Bo Diddley when I reviewed 1955. Unfortunately, he never shows up on the singles charts, all the way through 1963. I don't know why. I know by 63, I had his albums and my friends did as well. I still don't get it. I am embarrassed and owe an apology to the memory of the old "gunslinger".

Bo Diddley

I can't believe he wasn't charting. Something has to be amiss. Every band that ever played a high school dance or a frat party during the late fifties or throughout the sixties had to know his songs. Bo Diddley meant party music. 

In the summer of 1963 my cousin and I had a cabin for a couple of weeks on North Alabama's Lake Wilson. We had a ski boat, tiny record player, one Bo Diddley album and a bunch of Ian Flemming paperbacks. With some groceries and a few cold beverages. We had everything we needed. 

Wish I still had this Bo Diddley album.

Bo Diddley was an innovator. Bo Diddley was a guitar slinger who showed his generation what the next wave of guitar music would sound like. Bo lived a long life and died of natural causes at home.

Bo Diddley

There is so much information and so many awards for this man I am going to direct you to the wikipedia link and ask you to explore it for yourself. I will tell you this. He won every pioneer type music award known to mankind. He was treated well and respected by his peers. I don't think you can say that about the way he was treated by some of the labels in his early days. But that was the way it was for the pioneers. Here are the links.......

Bo Diddley

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